Oklahoma Prairies Chapter
Bethany, OK

Oklahoma Prairies Chapter History:

The chapter name, Oklahoma Prairies, best describes the area in which the chapter is located. Bethany, a town directly west of Oklahoma City, was established as a post office in 1913 and named for the Biblical community adjoining the city of Jerusalem.

On February 4, 1983, the Oklahoma Prairies Chapter held its first organizational meeting with a luncheon. Mrs. Marcus L. Fletcher was the Organizing Chapter Regent. When the meeting had ended, thirty-one members had made application for membership. Today, the Oklahoma Prairies Chapter celebrates a membership of more than 80 members.

In the years since its founding, the chapter has had many members serve as State Officers and State Chairman as well as chapter officers and committee chairmen. The chapter has been involved in just about every area of involvement DAR has. Several members have served in the military and veterans are an important part of our service.

Our members are active in many areas in the state and in their community. Our members live all over the Oklahoma City metro area.

In addition to appropriate programs at meetings and complete financial support of national programs and the Oklahoma Society, the chapter has undertaken many special projects:


  • In 1986, the chapter sponsored a generalized workshop taught by Dr. Beverly Ray-Edwards.
  • In 1987, microfilm and Patriot Indexes were purchased for the Oklahoma Historical Society Library and plaques were given to ROTC members as well as trophy to an essay winner. Bacone College received an extra monetary donation that same year.

  • In 1988, a donation was made to Oklahoma City Beautiful (a city beautification project) for the purchase of wild flowers. The 45th Division Museum in Oklahoma City, received a donation. Member, Mary Jackson Duffe was voted by the chapter as the "Outstanding Junior Member" and later won Outstanding Junior Member for the state society.

  • Chapter members were trained as docents for the Goodholm House located at the State Fair Grounds. This activity was continued until the Goodholm House was dropped as a state project in 2000.

  • In 1989, the chapter honored a Constitution Week Essay winner and a special donation was made for the Ellis Island Restoration Project. The chapter honored a student who wrote an essay entitled, "Preserving the Bill of Rights." A Bicentennial tree was planted at Eldon Lyons Park in Bethany, complete with a granite plaque which reads "Planted 1990 by the Oklahoma Prairies Chapter of NSDAR Bicentennial celebration of the Constitution."

  • In 1992, the chapter began a regular yearly donation to the John Bray Society, children of the American Revolution.

  • A flag banner was purchased in 1994 for the chapter. A grave marker was purchased for deceased member, Louise Day.

  • In 1995, a Community Service Award was given to the Capital District Director's Project and an American History Award was awarded to a worthy history teacher. Books were donated to the Oklahoma Historical Library in honor of deceased member, Kathryn Ryerson, and money was donated to defray expenses of chapter members who volunteered at the Veterans Hospital in Clinton, Oklahoma.

  • In 1999, after the death of State Regent, Frances Reaves Young, chapter member and State First Vice Regent, Mary Jackson Duffe, took over the office of State Regent. The Oklahoma Prairies Chapter honored Mrs. Duffe with an English Tea.

  • In 2002, Oklahoma Prairies Chapter led all other state chapters in the purchase of microfilm rolls for the Freedom Fighters Microfilm Project. When this project is completed, the Oklahoma Historical Society Library will contain one of the few complete Revolutionary War Patriot collections, outside the National Archives in Washington, D.C.


Chapter Officers for 2014-2016

Lauri Ashby Warmack Chapter Regent
Christina Macha First Vice Regent
Kathy Snyder Wyche Chaplain
Camilla Cay Shaughnessy Recording Secretary
Belva Long Rich Treasurer
Kathy Alvis Patterson Registrar
Barbara Yuill Historian
Elizabeth Prosser Librarian
Debbie Conrady Parliamentarian
Kathy Alvis Patterson Honorary Regent



Members Serving the National Society:

Mary Jackson Duffe National Vice Chairman, South Central Div. - President General's Project (2004-2007)


Members Serving the State Society:

State Officers

Mary Jackson Duffe State Regent 2008-2010
Diane Yancey King State Chaplain

Chapter Meetings:


Oklahoma Prairies Chapter meets on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May. meetings begin promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Each month an interesting program is presented on the subject of education, national defense, patriotism, or history. We welcome prospective members, and chapter members are always available to assist prospects in their ancestor research until membership can be proven.

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For information regarding membership with the Oklahoma Prairies Chapter, please contact Chapter Regent,
Lauri Ashby Warmack


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